• What is the suggested minimum amount of capital required to run the TT-HedgeHunter EA
  • If you release an update to the TT-HedgeHunter Expert Advisor, where will I find the current version?
  • As a general rule of thumb we would suggest that you fund your Forex trading account with at least a minimum of $5,000.
  • When you log into the "Member's Area" of the website you will find the download link for the most recent version of the EA located at the bottom of the page.
  • Where do I find my Metatrader 4 account number?
  • There is a message displayed on my MT4 trading chart advising me that "This EA is not licensed for this account"...Why?
  • The easiest way to locate your MT4 account number is to simply look at the top border of the MetaTrader 4 window. The number will be located in the upper left hand corner of the trading platform, followed by the name of your Forex broker.
  • It may be that you have not supplied us with your correct MT4 account number or we entered it improperly when we added it to the EA database. Please contact us immediately and we will get the issue resolved as quickly as possible.
  • Do I need to change or adjust any of the settings in the EA once it is installed?
  • How do I make changes to or cancel my TrendTrimmer EA subscription?
  • In most cases the answer is YES. The majority of our subscribers use most of the settings that come preset in the EA, but the "Main" setting that needs to be considered carefully is called the "LotsCalcFactor" as this setting regulates your risk.
  • Briefly outline the changes you would like to make to your subscription (including a cancellation request) on the contact form you will find at the "Support" page on this website.

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